Welcome to the world of High Speed connectivity. iConnecT is proudly committed to provide High Speed of Broadband and wireless connectivity. Our people, products, network assets and innovation have enabled us to provide our customers with internet services that are fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

We provide a diverse range of wireless communication services to our residential users, Enterprise users, Government organizations and large corporate industries in Gujarat.

iConnecT offers wide range of network connectivity through Broadband connections, wireless connections, fiber optic and Ethernet Broadband access points. Our main purpose behind the business is establish the power of next generation connectivity with super fast speed with limited and unlimited data option with reasonable cost and service guaranteed.

iConnecT has a youth team of well experienced people. Our dynamic team is always happy to help and committed to provide A+ service at no extra cost to our valued clients. We have established a large framework that can deliver new era’s voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP Centric network.

Innovation is our driving force and we create environment for young talent of India in our company to conceive and incubate new ideas in order to develop and deliver useful services and solutions to our clients to make their live easy and connected all time.

iConnecT offers 24 hours and 7 days service guaranteed*.

We are ready to make a difference in community, are you ready to fly ? Yes, iConnecT.

iConnecT – keep you connected.


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