Standard Terms & Conditions:

These Standard Terms and Conditions apply to services supplied to consumers by iConnecT Pty Ltd.

When you apply to acquire a service from us and when your application is approved by us, An agreement is formed. You may made an application over the phone, by email, via online application ordering or by visiting personally at our branch.

The Agreement will be made up of:

  • Your application.
  • The Service Description.
  • The Plan selected by consumers.
  • These Standard terms and conditions.
  • If there is a inconsistency between any part of the agreement, the inconsistency will be resolved according to the priority as mentioned below.

  • The plan Brochure.
  • The service description.
  • These standards terms and conditions.
  • your application.
  • Agreement period:

    The agreement is commenced when we will received your application.
    For contracts other than fixed period contracts, the agreement will continue until it is terminated by consumer on 30 days notice period or when the fixed contract is end as per agreement.
    If consumer do not cancel the agreement at the end of fixed period contract, we will continue to supply the services on a month-to-month basis.
    If we will not continue to provide the services to you at the end of fixed period contract or if we wish to change the terms and conditions of the agreements, including charges, we will inform you before 30 days of period.

    Changes to the agreement:

    We may change the agreement in following circumstances:
    When consumer agree to the change.
    where the change will not adversely affect you and,before the changes take place, we have give you notice of the change.
    We may withdraw any plans at any time by giving you notice but such withdrawals will only take effects from the end of your current fixed contracts.
    Notice of change is given by us by email to your nominated email account, with or as a part of bill or in writing including fax and mail or over the phone.
    Changes to these standard terms and conditions or any service related information may be made available online and you are encourage to check our website regularly.
    In case of any service disruption, we will try to resolve it as soon as we can, however we recommend our consumer to contact us to know in details about any query regarding service related question.

    Your Private Information:

    As part of your application and in connection with the provision of service to you, we may obtain from you private information about you.
    iConnecT is required to collect certain your personal information about you, including your name, address, contact details and other information that related to your service.
    we do not provide any of your private information unless ask by any law enforcement agencies to use the information to assist them in the prevention or prosecution of criminal activities.
    We will update you on our services, news, promotions and offers. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

    Minimum Contract Period:

    The minimum contract period is the minimum fixed period during which you must acquire the service. The minimum contract period may be specified in your plan or during your application is approved by us. The minimum contact period commences when the service is activated.
    If, during the minimum contract period, you cancel the service or we cancel the service because of your, you may be liable to pay the total amount of remaining contract periods.
    once the minimum contract period is over, your service will continue to renew automatically, and you will be charged month-to-month basis until you or we cancel the service by giving 30 days notice.

    IP Address :

    You agree that the IP address(es) issued to you for use in connection with a service are only issued to you for use during the continuity of service. On termination of the service, your right to use IP address(es) ceases.
    We are responsible for all DNS delegation and routing in connection with the services.

    Instrument Security :

    iConnecT Install devices at customer’s premises to supply internet connectivity to the client in terms of Radio Devices, POE , Cables or any other types of Instruments. The security of Instruments would be client’s responsibility. In case of fire , Damage or theft, Client must pay the equivalent amount to iConnecT. All types of Devices, POE , Cables and other types of instruments provided by iConnecT as a part of Installation will remain the property of iConnecT.

    If you have any question regarding our terms and conditions, kindly please contact us any time.


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